Moinho Elétrico | Piccolo 11S

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Product line: Standard
Engine: 1,1 kW   400 V   3-phase
Needed grain: up to 25 kg/day
Performance: 100 - 150 kg/h
Adjustment type: Quick adjustment

Top quality for a reasonable price - with our grain crusher "Piccolo 11 S 400V" you are not only able to crush oats but also bigger percentages of barley and corn.

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It is designed for an average amount of grain up to 25 kg/day and has a performance of 100 - 150 kg/h. Hardened rollers made of high yield steel ensure you an outstanding abrasion resistance and therefore a long-living machine. Additionally our well-known "Taschenschliff" (this means a flat gearing) stands for a long-living profile of our rollers. This profile also deals easily with harder and bigger grain types without forming hollows, normal grain can pass the rollers by.