Braumeister 500


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The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases with exact times and temperatures. Lautering is done easily and quickly by lifting the malt pipe with the lifting device included. This way you can carry out the lautering process quickly and without mess.

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In addition, the device is mobile and easy to move and the space requirement is minimal. This makes it ideal for restaurants, pubs, events or brewing communities. The low purchase cost and a low price per litre ensure it pays off quickly.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Brewing quantity: 500 litres of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 550 l of wort
  • Max. malt quantity 120 kg

Technical details

  • Heating coil: 6 x 3.000 W output
  • Pump: 370 W
  • Power supply connection: 400 V
    (fuse protection min. 32 Amp)Total power consumption: 18.4 kW
  • Cooling: 1.8 m2 double jacket surface area,
    with ice water, approximately 2 h to 25 °C with whirlpool,
    for shorter times, extra external cooling necessary
  • Control system: fully automatic brewing control
    (temperature, time, pump)
  • Max. malt quantity: 120 kg


  • Length: 253 cm
  • Width: 130 cm
  • Height: 277 cm
  • Wooden crate: 245 x 135 x 141 cm (length x width x height)
  • Shipping weight: 500 kg