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Panela de 250 - aka Sl0w Beer

Um dos melhores equipamentos produzidos na Europa!

Single-temperature infusion mashing
Multi-step infusion mashing
Decoction mashing

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  • monoblock design, mounted on a stainless steel frame
  • two-vessel brewhouse (mash mixer-lauter tun and kettle-whirlpool)
  • completely piped and wired
  • touch screen control panel
  • both vessels equipped with thermal oil heated bottom and jacket, insulated (option - steam heating)

High quality manufacturing process:

  • TIG welding
  • laser welded pillow-plates, orbital welded pipes
  • automated grinding and polishing of welds and surfaces
  • certified materials

User friendly:

  • versatile process
  • master brew interface control system
  • manual control (pump on/off, flow regulation, temperature control)
  • oganized manifold system easy accessible from the front
  • easy cleaning